Английские уроки. Сериал «Соседи» от BBC. 3 серия

The Flatmates episode 3, from BBC Learning English

Уровень английского: Pre Intermediate
Продолжительность урока: 0 мин. 59 сек.
Преподает: BBC

Alice, Helen and Tim are having a relaxing drink with their new flatmate when Tim says something that annoys Helen.

Tim: It’s your round Alice
Alice: What, again? Alright, what do you all want?
Helen: An orange juice please.
Michal: The same for me too.
Tim: Oh come on Michal, you’re not in Poland now. Why not try a traditional pint of English bitter?
Michal: OK then.
Tim: And the usual for me — a G & T, love
Alice: Em, OK.
Helen: Don’t call Alice «love».
Tim: Why not, isn’t she lovely? Michal, what do you think?

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Английские уроки. Сериал "Соседи" от BBC. 2 серия
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