Английские уроки. Сериал «Соседи» от BBC. 2 серия

The Flatmates episode 2, from BBC Learning English

Тема урока: В квартире
Уровень английского: Pre Intermediate
Продолжительность урока: 1 мин. 00 сек.
Преподает: BBC

Tim welcomes Michal to the flat. Alice suggests a way Michal can improve his English. Why not practise yours with The Flatmates, the soap opera from BBC Learning English?

Tim: Alice this is my cousin Michal — our new flatmate. He’s really missing his friends.
Alice: Oh, Michal let me take your mind off that…So, where are you from?
Michal: From near Warsaw — the Polish capital.
Alice: Oh, what do you do?
Michal: I’m a guide tourist.
Alice: So interesting! Why are you visiting London?
Michal: To improve my English.
Alice: Oh, well, why not come out with us now? Then we can cheer you up and you can practise your English at the same time.

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